Optimal maintenance delivering cost savings for clients

Carillion Facilities Management employ 13,000 staff and provide facilities management services and related support to over 100,000 properties; including 43,000 houses for the ministry of defence, 8,000 properties on behalf of BT and more than 3,000 retail banking outlets.

They have customers across both the public and private sectors, including schools, hospitals and are one of the leading providers of facilities managers to the NHS.

Peter Johns, CMMS Specialist, Carillion Facilities Management describes how SFG20 is benefiting their business:

"In a lot of contracts with various clients they specifically ask for SFG20 as a core specification, and we like it because with the new system it's easy to keep up to date.

With the old way of doing things, when it was a publication rather than online, as soon as it was printed, it was out of date. Now you know what's in the library is always current.

We can now take and add them into our own service models. We can also tweak service models for clients depending on what it is they do; so we can set up bespoke models for places like schools, hospitals or industrial buildings.

A school, for instance, might have certain requirements which are different to other buildings due to higher standards needing to be met. We can put in service specs for specific clients. These bespoke options are where we really gain.

One of the key benefits of SFG20 for us, has been the ability to retrieve specification documents as XML files to integrate with our own system. I can't tell you how much of a massive efficiency saving this has been."


“SFG20 has saved us time and money and the more we use it the more the savings are becoming apparent.”

Peter Johns, CMMS Specialist, Carillion Facilities Management







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