Many sectors and large corporation estates often have a myriad of building categories with different types of contract, different models of service and differing lengths of tenure. Historically it has been almost impossible to assure complete transparency of cost to demonstrate value for money, comply with standards and legislative requirements, provide accurate performance metrics of the supply chain and demonstrate innovation and continuous improvement.

Managing large, diverse and geographically spread FM requirements, often with a number of different suppliers has been and is becoming  increasingly difficult given the pressure on internal resources and annual budgets and the continuing demand to cut cost or demonstrate the reasons why we can’t.

Building on SFG20’s vast library of core maintenance schedules, SFG20 Solutions offers a bespoke service for industry sectors seeking technical support to deliver an effective maintenance regime that is more specific to your industry or sector.

This service is ideal for those within a distinct industry sector – Government, hospitals, railways, prisons, airports, retail to name a few. These will require extensive maintenance schedules, unique to each sector, which are not currently available in the standard SFG20.

Dependant on your needs SFG20 Solutions offers a range  in the design of a maintenance management achieved by utilising the industry recognised maintenance schedules within SFG20, and where necessary, create unique task schedules particular to your industry sector whilst developing a maintenance regime that fits your sector or business’s specific needs. 

Sector Sets

These are specific task schedules which have been developed for specialist groups that are for certain industry sectors, such as catering, security and HTMs. These are not available with Core Plus or Service Model subscriptions.

Functional Sets

SFG20 Solutions enables you to combine Sector Sets with the appropriate task schedules from SFG20’s Core Library to build bespoke Functional Sets for specific industries, such as railways, hospitals, prisons and airports.

SFG20 Solutions can enable you to stay compliant, whilst saving time, energy and money.

To understand more how SFG20 can support your industry please contact us and speak to one of our experts who can work with you to achieve your maintenance needs.

Please call 01768 860459 or email for further information.

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