The SFG20 Approved Provider Partnership is a brand new initiative to help streamline the FM sector. It provides a common platform to allow CAFM and third party FM software providers the opportunity to integrate SFG20 directly into their systems. 


The benefits of becoming an SFG20 Approved Provider are:
  • gaining access to unlimited customer connections 
  • providing a one stop shop for your customer
  • developing a competitive edge within the sector
  • displaying the SFG20 Approved Provider logo on your website and any supporting marketing material
  • being listed as approved on the SFG20 website


How does it work?

Firstly, the CAFM or third party FM software provider will need to be a subscriber of SFG20. They will need to purchase an Approved Provider Key or Bridge Key which will allow them to integrate the SFG20 data into their system.

SFG20 Approved Provider


The CAFM or third party FM software will then sell a Customer Key to their clients to allow the SFG20 data to be integrated into their systems safely and securely. 


approved provider

This will enable the end user to have all the required data in one secure place in order to complete the job.


How do I become an SFG20 Approved Provider?

There is an application process which involves data testing to see if the information is compatible with your CAFM or third party FM software provider system.

For further information call 01768 860459 or email


SFG20 Approved Providers

We are pleased to announce our latest Approved Provider Partnership with: 



Asckey Data Services Ltd






MACS - an IBM Gold Partner and Maximo product solution


Omni Telemetry Ltd