SFG20 has reduced costs by 20% across its sites

Facilities management specialist SO FM provides a consultancy service for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) with a passion to help them realise and maximise their potential.

Based near Leeds the company, won the award for the Best Facilities Management Consultancy 2016 in West Yorkshire within its first year of trading.

Stephen Williams, founder and Managing Director, describes how SFG20 has benefited his business:

“Our culture allows us to provide an exceptional service for our clients in order they may grow, so it is important that we use a definitive standard for planned maintenance.

“This is where SFG20 comes in. It is industry best practice used by major companies.

“It provides comfort in the knowledge that the number of labour hours charged by a company is standardised giving peace of mind to clients that they aren’t being overcharged. SFG20 has reduced costs by 20 per cent on some of our sites.

“It is important that clients know what is happening when fees are charged and this is the benefit to us of using SFG20 

“Involvement with SFG20 has given us a planned maintenance routine enabling a clear schedule of work for each asset.”

Reported benefits of SFG20:

  • Simplified, standardised system of maintenance procedures
  • Easy access to important information
  • Cost and time effective
  • Peace of minds for clients

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