The coronavirus crisis has created unprecedented challenges for building owners and maintainers. However, the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has moved quickly to support the sector by releasing detailed guidance on how buildings can be managed and maintained effectively during the coming weeks and months.

We have gathered together guidance and advice on maintaining your building and facilities during this time.

You can download a pdf document below.

COVID-19 Building Maintenance Guidance


Due to COVID 19 pandemic, many buildings will become low use or empty, as businesses close and working from home increases. In many cases, buildings will not require to be fully mothballed as they may become low use with a skeleton staff and low-key maintenance implemented having elements of the building may be needed to support the working from home staff, such as server rooms to support the online working. 

SFG20 and SFG30 can, therefore, be applied to varying degrees and depending on the building and situation, users will need to assess their clients’ needs and apply principles of risk assessment to produce a method of working to satisfy the government requirements for the pandemic, statutory and insurance requirements and the amended contractual needs of clients.


SFG30 Mothballing & ReactivationFor more extensive shutdown maintenance procedures our newly launched SFG30 Mothballing & Reactivation suite of schedules will prove to be an essential tool. You can discover more here.