SFG20 API Schemes

Are your clients SFG20 subscribers?

Are they looking to you to simplify their SFG20 Integration Processes?

Have you considered becoming an SFG20 Approved Provider/Dynamic Data Integrator?

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SFG20 API Solution

The SFG20 API solution is an initiative to help streamline the FM sector. It provides a common platform to allow CAFM and third party FM software providers the opportunity to integrate SFG20 directly into your systems

How does the API scheme work?

Firstly, you as FM software provider will need to develop an SFG20 API interface- we’ll provide you with our API document & access to our test site.

As SFG20 API partner, you will need to procure a Bridge Key which is aligned to an SFG20 client’s subscription via a customer key will enable data to be securely accessed from your client’s SFG20 account and integrated into your software

The benefits of becoming an SFG20 Approved Provider or Dynamic Data Integrator are:

  1. Gaining access to unlimited customer connections
  2. Providing a one-stop-shop for your customer
  3. Developing a competitive edge within the sector
  4. Displaying the SFG20 Approved Provider or Dynamic Data Integrator logo on your website and any supporting marketing material
  5. Being listed as approved on the SFG20 website

To register your interest in becoming an SFG20 Approved Provider or SFG20 Dynamic Data Integrator please complete the form below.

SFG20 API Scheme Application