Software Integration

Using an approved SFG20 API partner can save time and effort while reducing the risk of potential errors in data when manually integrating information into your operating software solution.

Our API solution can provide the latest updates simply and easily to your operating system ensuring you stay compliant and using the latest industry best practise from SFG20.

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Our current software integrators.

If your current provider is not listed please contact your representative about using SFG20 API.



Coming soon SFG20 API Providers

We're delighted to announce that we will be adding Planon, Micad and FSI FM to our list of approved API providers. 




Integrate your SFG20 data using an API Scheme Provider!

Are you expending time manually configuring data or even paying a third party to structure data to input into your operating system? Is this adding unnecessary administration, delay and cost to your operation?

When choosing a software provider have you considered how you will maintain the system and keep it up to date? Choosing a provider with an SFG20 API solution gives you a dynamic result.

How does the API integration work?

You will need to be an SFG20 Service Model Level subscriber and hold a Customer key, your CAFM/CMMS Provider will need to be signed up to one of the SFG20 API Schemes and hold a corresponding Bridge key.


Secure Data

Once the 2 keys are aligned this will enable the upload of the SFG20 data into the third party system. A solution that ensures your data remains secure and only visible when your client subscription key aligns.


Find out how our software integration can help streamline your facilities maintenance. 


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Considered becoming an SFG20 Approved Provider/Dynamic Data Integrator?

If you'd like to apply to become an SFG20 Approved API Provider you can find out more about the process below.