SFG20 is the ideal solution for facilities managers, building owners, contractors and consultants who want to remain compliant while saving time, energy and money.

The definitive standard for planned and preventative maintenance, SFG20 is unique in the industry. An online, dynamic service, SFG20 provides access to a growing library of maintenance schedules which are dynamically updated as legislation changes.

SFG20 facilitates the identification of maintainable assets, providing the benchmark for optimum maintenance to avoid over or under maintaining. With options to customise schedules and create service booklets, optimising your maintenance with SFG20 couldn’t be easier.

Explore the options below to see which level of SFG20 could help your business.

Product Features

Core Plus Service Model Select

Web-based subscription

Browse SFG20 menu

Search maintenance schedules

View maintenance legislation

Print individual schedules

Browse SFG20 schedules in the NRM menu

Access Specialist Services e.g. Catering, HTM Aligned (Subject to an additional fee)

Customise maintenance schedules

Create new maintenance schedules

Colour-coded criticality rating for Statutory and Mandatory tasks (red). Legal compliance and sector regulation compliance.

Print/view PDF asset profile

Print/View PDF booklet of maintenance schedules

View task service timings

Assign different access rights to users

Customise service times

Colour coded task criticality ratings (Red-Pink-Amber-Green)

Create service models

Create multiple service models

Create contractor sub-folders

Create tender sub-folders

Print/Download service models

Export data to XML (subject to an additional fee)

Download and export Basic Scheduler to Excel

Print/view PDF conformity document

Bespoke service tailored to sector or specialist needs

Creation of additional specialist task schedules

Direct access to SFG20 technical team

Management of sector task schedules