The definitive standard for planned and preventative maintenance


SFG20 facilitates the identification of maintainable assets, providing the benchmark for optimum maintenance to avoid over or under maintaining. With options to customise schedules and create service booklets, optimising your maintenance with SFG20 couldn’t be easier.


"In implementing SFG20 it has allowed us to provide our clients with an industry standard to benchmark the works against "

Damien Norton,
Managing Director at Norton Services Group Limited

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Core Plus

Core plus

Core Plus includes over 500 schedules covering 70 equipment types and access to 700 additional Specialist Services Sets, with on-going legislative updates to ensure you remain compliant.

Schedules display how often tasks need to be carried out to avoid over or under maintaining assets and what skill set should be used to perform the work. Core Plus allows you to customise maintenance schedules to your requirements - specify maintenance activities for a building or site, use them to create and respond to tenders, as well as for auditing purposes.

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Service Model

Service model

In addition to all of the features of Core Plus, Service Model gives you ‘at-a-glance’ colour coding of tasks that shows the distinction between Statutory, Optimal and Discretionary tasks even allowing you to add Mandatory tasks ensuring you maintain your assets at the appropriate level whilst remaining compliant.

Service Model also allows you to edit, customise or create your own schedules.

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Core Plus and Service Model products are our main solutions designed to meet the needs of any size organisation. Get in touch with us today to see how SFG20 can help you to stay compliant - save time, energy and money.



Bespoke Sector Solutions

A bespoke service where we partner with you to optimise maintenance requirements. Our team of technical experts will support your business in designing optimal cost-effective maintenance regimes for tendering, auditing and contract management.


3rd Party Software Integration

A common platform to streamline your facilities maintenance. SFG20 realise that no one business is the same and therefore offer range commercial solutions ranging from becoming an Approved Provider of SFG20, SFG20 data integration as Dynamic Data Integrator, to bespoke internal in-house business systems.