SFG20 wins government grant to develop a BIM interface

In partnership with Northumbria University, this work will deliver an innovative new application for the industry standard maintenance specification SFG20 web service.

Building on SFG20's existing capability to model and customise legally compliant client/sector specific, fit-for-purpose, cost-effective maintenance regimes to inform tendering and subsequent contract in management and audit, 'SFG20 for BIM' will provide a 2-way interface between individual native building models and SFG20.

Data transfer from construction to Operation & Maintenance phases will permit automatic generation of customised maintenance solutions from BIM models. In addition, Operation & Maintenance data will inform whole-life design decisions, with collaboration between construction and facilities management teams benefiting stakeholders throughout the building cycle.

Following receipt of the grant, work will start shortly and a fully developed concept will be delivered to Market in early 2016.