Residential Properties

It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure the accommodation provided is fit for purpose,  safe and well maintained.

SFG20 has created a set of task schedules specifically for the Residential Properties sector which provides guidance and advice on the maintenance of both structural elements and interior appliances.

Over 750 maintenance schedules in our new Residential Properties Functional Set

SFG20 has created a suite of over 750 maintenance task schedules covering assets and equipment found specifically in the Residential Property sector. Each schedule provides detailed guidance on the maintenance and regulatory requirements to optimise your maintenance regimes and ensure compliance.

This brand new SFG20 Functional Set incorporates task schedules aimed at the maintenance and legislative requirements for:

  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Owners

The combined sets provide transparency on building maintenance safety requirements for all parties covering shared and occupied dwellings.

The benefits of using SFG20’s Residential Properties functional set:

  • Building Safety with legislative maintenance compliance
  • Transparency to all parties on maintenance requirements and scope
  • Required maintenance information is easily accessible in one place
  • Specific tasks for the Residential Property sector can be easily scheduled, highlighting expected service times.
  • Schedules are fully customisable and colour-coded to help you project manage more effectively, saving time, energy and money
  • Save energy through proper maintenance
  • Achieved Expected Asset Life, save money through managed maintenance and reduced replacement costs