Property Maintenance Software for Residential Properties

SFG20’s property maintenance software is the ideal all-in-one solution for landlords and property managers to manage the maintenance requirements of their portfolios. Manage your maintenance operations and ensure that you’re always compliant with ever-changing legislation with one cloud-based platform.

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Streamline and simplify your property maintenance today.


"SFG20 an invaluable resource for us. It's an easy-to-use tool that keeps us compliant and ensures our engineers complete PPM works correctly."

Daisy Baldwin - Coordination Manager, Boxall Facilities Ltd.

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Benefits of SFG20’s Residential Property Maintenance Software

SFG20 is a completely unique tool for managing preventative maintenance operations and activities. The definitive standard for facilities maintenance, SFG20’s cloud-based software enables facilities managers, property owners and contractors alike to easily manage their planned preventative maintenance activities in order to keep their facilities and buildings compliant with existing regulations and in good working order.

Using the Asset Mapping tool enables you to quickly and easily map SFG20 schedules with asset lists, saving you significant time and effort. When used in combination with Resource Modeller, the costs of maintenance plans can be estimated and labour requirements identified - ideal for assisting with budget planning and the tendering process.

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Efficiency and Cut Costs

Ensure Regulatory

Centralise Your
Maintenance Schedules

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Simplify Maintenance Management for Residential Properties

With all of your maintenance tasks and schedules in one place, you’ll be able to streamline your operations while improving asset management. Whether you work across multiple properties or just one, SFG20’s colour-coded schedules give you an at-a-glance view of which maintenance activities need to be completed, when and by whom in order to stay compliant and realise the life of your existing assets. This means that you can move from reactive to proactive maintenance - saving you from costly emergency callouts and allowing you to keep your assets meeting their original design intent.

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Keep Your Properties Compliant with Detailed Guidance and Schedules.

It’s the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that accommodation is fit for purpose, safe, and well maintained. With SFG20’s property maintenance software, you’ll gain access to our comprehensive list of schedules, including a specialist functional set of over 750 maintenance tasks that are specific to the residential property sector. This means that you’ll be able to easily identify the tasks that are required to keep your properties safe and in accordance with legislative requirements.

Improve Customer Service for Your Tenants or Clients

Give your tenants and clients a clear view of property maintenance work being completed with our conformity documents capability and our dynamically updated task schedules, enabling building owners and landlords to keep records of any works done for auditing and reporting purposes.

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How SFG20 Helps You Manage Your Residential Properties

SFG20 helps property managers organise their preventative maintenance activities; from planning maintenance activities to task conformity records, SFG20 can help you drive reductions in operational costs, work with better efficiency, and keep your properties in the best condition for your clients and tenants.

Avoid costly emergency callouts, reduce energy usage and realise the life of constructed assets by performing routine maintenance that not only ensures compliance with the latest government requirements but also keeps assets functioning at their best.

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Stay compliant with legislative requirements with dynamically updating lists and schedules.

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Save time, energy and money by moving to a proactive approach to maintenance that keeps your assets in their best condition.

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Understand your asset maintenance requirements and streamline your processes with our software.

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