What is NRM 3?

The rationale behind the RICS New Rules of Measurement (NRM 3) was to be able to integrate the construction cost management with renewals and operation and maintenance, through to end of life. 

Therefore updating the CIBSE Guide M table is really important to provide the common data classification for overcoming the capital and revenue divide, along with having a massive impact on how buildings can be handed over to be operated and maintained. Also to structure and standardise future condition surveying and inform the forward asset renewal programmes of work.

The CIBSE table update 2018, is essential to help future construction projects to be more robustly lifecycle costed (5D and 6D) – by providing the common data classification for enabling effective handover of asset information post construction, and to then effectively operate, maintain and sustain.


Benefits to SFG20 subscribers

  • SFG20 application now includes a new NRM tree structure, which is fully aligned to the NRM 3 and CIBSE Guide M
  • An increase in the number of SFG20 task schedules from 500 to 1000 (at June 2018), including specialist services (access equipment & lifts, catering, mechanical handling equipment (MHE), security & surveillance systems plus more)
  • Supporting industry foundation standards, through NRM/ SFG20/CIBSE data which can be used for future construction projects
  • Standard mapped naming conventions
  • Relational asset structures used through building and asset life phases
  • Consistent asset parent child structures can be used to set and manage asset information and capture maintenance data


For more information please email sfg20.info@theBESA.com or call 01768 860459.

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