The Ultimate Guide to Compliance in Facilities Management

Facilities Management can be a maze, especially when you are balancing compliance with competing strategic priorities in your business.

High profile incidents like Grenfell Tower has put maintenance compliance front and centre for businesses. Sitting back and waiting for your assets to fail risks you facing prosecution. There really is no place to hide.

In this e-guide you will learn:

  • The benefits of compliance including reducing costs, avoiding sanctions, and creating a safe environment
  • What compliance means for you and your organisation
  • How to manage your facilities to make them fit for purpose, compliant and thriving in todays landscape
  • What the Building Safety Regulator wants from you
  • How to establish a solid foundation to achieve compliance.


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Compliance is a hot topic right now in maintenance, not just because it’s important to comply, but because of high profile incidents that have driven public attention to maintenance of buildings. Non-compliance is not just a legal piece, but a reputational issue that has to stand up in the court of public opinion.

It has never been more important to understand your responsibility when it comes to building maintenance compliance. With insights from SFG20 technical experts, this e-guide gives you a wealth of knowledge ensure you remain compliant.

This e-guide will take you on a journey of understanding your responsibility, interpreting legislation into maintenance tasks, prioritising your maintenance workload, and how to remain compliant. With an average fine of £150,000, non-compliance is not worth the risk.

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