The definitive standard for planned maintenance.

Completely unique, SFG20 is the essential tool for facilities managers, building owners, contractors and consultants, enabling you to stay compliant - saving time, energy and money.

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The world of building maintenance just got simpler...

Core Plus

Core Plus

Access over 500 schedules covering 60 equipment types, with on-going legislative updates to ensure you remain compliant.

 Schedules display how often tasks need to be carried out to avoid over or under maintaining assets and what skill set should be used to perform the work. Core Plus allows you to customise maintenance schedules to your requirements - specify maintenance activities for a building or site, use them to create and respond to tenders, as well as for auditing purposes.


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Customiser Compliance

Service Model

In addition to all of the features of Core Plus, Service Model gives you ‘at-a-glance’ colour coding of tasks that shows the distinction between Statutory, Function Critical and Discretionary tasks even allowing you to add Mandatory tasks ensuring you maintain your assets at the appropriate level whilst remaining compliant. Service Model also allows you to edit, customise or create your own schedules.




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SFG20 Solutions

SFG20 Solutions

SFG20 Solutions is a bespoke service offering a range of solutions for industry sectors seeking technical support to deliver an effective maintenance regime.

 Building on SFG20’s Service Model our team of technical experts can support your business, industry or sector in achieving a tailor made maintenance solution to achieve standardisation and effective maintenance solution. 



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HTM Alignment

With over 100 healthcare schedules which meet the requirements of the HTMs, this Healthcare Specialist Set has been specifically designed for hospitals, NHS Trusts, dentists, vets and doctors’ surgeries.

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SFG30 Mothballing & Reactivation

We are delighted to announce that our new SFG30 Mothballing & Reactivation maintenance task schedules is now available to buy.

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The SFG20 library of maintenance specifications for building engineering services is the industry standard for planned maintenance and an essential tool in tendering, service level re-modelling and auditing.

The world of building maintenance just got simpler...


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Key benefits...

Benefit 1

Tailored maintenance with customisable schedules

Develop bespoke maintenance schedules to suit your needs, amending non statutory tasks as required.

Benefit 2

Cost savings through optimal maintenance of assets

Colour-coded criticality ratings identifies tasks which are statutory, mandatory, function critical or discretionary, avoiding over or under-maintenance.

Benefit 3

Peace of mind with up-to-date legislation

Frequent technical bulletins are released and schedules updated in-line with legislation changes, ensuring you are always working to the latest standard.

Benefit 4

Accurate and efficient tendering

Specify custom maintenance requirements, include timings and produce PDF booklets to support your tendering process.

    SFG20 Training Courses    

A range of bespoke training packages and client technical support to help maximise your usage of SFG20.


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