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The essential tool for all Facilities Managers

Core Plus

Access over 500 schedules covering 70 equipment types, with on-going legislative updates to ensure you remain compliant.


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Service Model

Service Model gives you ‘at-a-glance’ colour coding of tasks that shows the distinction between Statutory, Function Critical and Discretionary tasks.


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Bespoke Solutions

A bespoke service offering a range of solutions for industry sectors seeking technical support to deliver an effective maintenance regime.


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The world of building maintenance just got simpler...

Featured Client

Thomson FM is a wholly independent facilities management and life cycle cost consultancy providing specialist advice to client organisations in all business sectors. Our considerable experience in both private commercial and public sector projects enables Thomson FM to provide valuable and tailored consultancy support to meet the specific needs of all our clients.

"As a consultancy, using SFG20 has assisted us in being able to work with clients on their maintenance strategies to ensure they are legally compliant, are adopting industry best practice and understand the level of resourcing required to deliver it. It is a wide ranging, dynamic and evolving standard, which is also crucial."

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Over 700 clients 

The SFG20 library of maintenance specifications for building engineering services is the industry standard for planned maintenance and an essential tool in tendering service level re-modelling and auditing.


For Building Owners

As a building owner, I've found SFG20 to be invaluable. Not only have we seen real cost savings in our maintenance budget but downtime and disruption has also been dramatically reduced.

For Contractors

With SFG20 I'm saving time and effort by being able to allocate the appropriate maintenance resource in advance. The ability to create custom  colour coded work booklets is also very useful.

For Consultants

SFG20 allows us to produce detailed and accurate tenders which means we win more work and there are no surprises for us or the clients when we come to implement the maintenance plan.

“SFG20 has significantly improved productivity in our workplace. It has had a great effect on ensuring we have a consistent and quality approach across the business.”

Adam Atkins - Director, Diamond Facilities Management

Over 1000 colour coded maintenance schedules

Tailored maintenance with customisable schedules

Develop bespoke maintenance schedules to suit your needs, amending non statutory tasks as required.

Specify custom maintenance requirements, include timings and produce PDF booklets to support your tendering process.