The World Of Building Maintenance Just Got Simpler

Discover the industry standard for building and facilities maintenance with SFG20. Featuring a library of over 2000 maintenance tasks and schedules across more than 70 different equipment types, you can build and manage a maintenance plan that is perfectly tailored to your business needs. Whether you manage one building, a number of different sites, or even if you outsource your facilities management, SFG20 will make sure that you’re always on top of your maintenance requirements and remain compliant with all health and safety regulations.

In addition to the library of schedules, SFG20’s Asset Mapping tool allows you to upload an Industry Foundation Class (IFC) or Excel file, and then select the relevant maintenance schedule for that asset. This can be used in conjunction with SFG20 Resource Modeller, which can produce indicative annualised costs of maintenance and quantify your actual planned preventative maintenance and resource requirements.

Launched in 1990 by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), SFG20’s web-based service is the benchmark for optimum maintenance. With the help of our library of schedules, you can expect to see savings of up to 20% of your annual maintenance budget!

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SFG20 has significantly improved productivity in our workplace. It has had a great effect on ensuring we have a consistent and quality approach across the business.

Adam Atkins - Director, Diamond Facilities Management

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What Does Our Maintenance Solution Software Do?

SFG20’s building maintenance management software is a completely unique tool for monitoring and planning your maintenance needs. With a growing library of over 2000 maintenance schedules, asset management data mapping solution, and resource modelling, you can create a tailored solution to suit your business needs. Suitable for any business, from the smallest start-up to the largest multinational corporation, SFG20’s software can help identify and map assets, quantify maintenance plans for different building scenarios, and manage optimal and compliant maintenance. Regardless of your needs, SFG20 is able to help you develop and deliver effective and efficient maintenance regimes. Discover our products below.

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PPM Software

SFG20’s preventative maintenance software is our online, dynamically updating service designed to help you manage your facilities maintenance with ease while always staying compliant regardless of changes in legislation. With over 2000 maintenance schedules to work from, you can create a proactive maintenance plan to suit your business’s unique needs.

Discover our Maintenance Software 

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Asset Mapping

With the Asset Mapping tool, you can easily upload, map and model your facility’s asset information to get a better picture of your specific maintenance requirements. Working together with our maintenance software, SFG20’s asset management data mapping solution helps assign your assets to the relevant maintenance schedules so you never have to worry about over or under maintenance again.

Find out more about our Asset Management Solution 

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Resource Modeller

Resource Modeller is designed for anyone who needs to estimate maintenance costs or labour requirements. Estimate and quantify the annualised cost of maintenance to aid in tendering and benchmarking activities, as well as planning your budget for the year ahead. This is a must-have tool for facilities management, finance and building design professionals who manage a department.

Explore our Resource Modeller 

Over 2000 Colour-Coded Maintenance Schedules

Over 2000 Colour-Coded Maintenance Schedules

SFG20 offers colour-coded schedules so you can easily distinguish between Statutory, Function-Critical, Optimal and Discretionary tasks. There is even the ability to amend non-statutory tasks if required, allowing you to build a bespoke schedule that is specifically designed for your business needs.

Benefits of SFG20

  • Stay compliant with new and changing regulations with our dynamically updating schedules and checklists.
  • See cost savings of up to 20% by moving to a planned preventative maintenance regime.
  • Reduce downtime and unplanned maintenance costs by keeping your assets in optimal condition.
  • Make tendering and auditing processes a breeze by identifying your custom maintenance requirements.
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Who We Can Help

SFG20 is the perfect maintenance management tool for facilities managers, building owners, contractors and consultants in any industry or sector. Our checklists cover 70 different equipment types; from air conditioning units to fire alarm systems, insulation to vacuum systems. We also have specialist content, covering areas such as security and surveillance systems, and functional sets for specific industries such as Healthcare and Residential Properties. This means that SFG20 can be used by anyone: regardless of the industry or size of their facilities.

Find out why these businesses choose SFG20 as their maintenance software.

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We find SFG20 to be an invaluable tool in providing a technical maintenance service to our large portfolio of clients. The flexibility of the software is fantastic and has enabled us to tailor maintenance schedules to fit our individual client needs.

Richard Royal,
General Manager, Kershaw Facilities Management & Special Projects

Functionality and Integration

Integrating information into your operating software solution couldn’t be easier when you work with one of SFG20’s API partners. SFG20 automates the upload into your CAFM or CMMS system securely and quickly, and content is dynamically updated to reflect legislative changes and best practice guidance. Explore our current software integrators below.

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The World of Building Maintenance Just Got Simpler.

Choose SFG20 For Your Maintenance Management Software and Trust the Industry Standard For Building Maintenance.

Discover our Preventative Maintenance Software 

SFG20’s Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Find out more about our building maintenance checklists and planning tools.

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Building Maintenance Checklist Solution

Stay compliant with changing legislation while saving time, energy and money with SFG20’s Building Maintenance Checklists.

Discover SFG20’s Maintenance Checklists 

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Building Maintenance Planning Tool

Anticipate and meet the demands of your facilities and their occupants with Building Maintenance Plans from SFG20.

Explore SFG20’s Maintenance Planning Tool