HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Maintenance Management

The single biggest consumer of energy in a typical commercial building is often the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. It is therefore critical that these systems are kept, not only safe and legal, but also well maintained to minimise energy consumption.

SFG20 is the standard maintenance specification for building engineering and maintenance services. Our state-of-the-art facilities management software allows users to select relevant schedules and seamlessly create maintenance regimes for one or more facilities. We offer a range of maintenance schedules tailor-made for HVAC maintenance managers which covers every aspect of these complex and vital systems.

With our software solution, you can focus maintenance, ensuring safety and comfort for staff, visitors, and tenants. Beyond safety, stay confidently compliant with all legislative requirements. Experience a seamless, user-friendly interface that simplifies HVAC system management.

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Ensuring Safety and Compliance

  • Streamlined Operations and Safety
    • Centralise all HVAC maintenance tasks, from air filter replacements to refrigerant checks, ensuring a safer environment for all. By having everything in one software solution, users can easily determine what tasks need to be carried out and how often.
  • Cost Efficiency
    • Work within the SFG20 system to blend maintenance approaches for optimal efficiency. Once all tasks are completed to ensure safety and compliance, optimal and discretionary tasks can be included or removed from your regime, according to your unique insight about your facility e.g. asset condition, usage etc.
  • Comprehensive Compliance and Record-Keeping
    • Stay updated with HVAC-specific industry standards, such as ventilation guidelines or refrigerant use. Simplify audits with organised logs of duct cleanings, system inspections, and other maintenance tasks, reducing the risk of legal complications.
  • Enhanced System Efficiency and Sustainability
    • Ensure that cooling coils, thermostats, and airflow systems work at peak efficiency. By correctly maintaining your assets they are more likely to run efficiently and last their full intended design life, meaning that operational and embodied carbon is reduced.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

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Why Choose SFG20 for HVAC Maintenance?

  • Legal Compliance and Adherance to Best Practice
    • SFG20 constantly updates and aligns its library of content with the latest in legal and regulatory requirements and industry best practice, such as ventilation guidelines, refrigerant regulations, and more. Beyond aiding in routine inspections and duct cleanings, it serves as a shield against potential legal complications and provides peace of mind for users.
  • Operational Excellence with a Touch
    • In the fast-paced world of HVAC maintenance, managers often grapple with many tasks ranging from replacing aged air filters to calibrating thermostats. SFG20 provides a centralised hub, bringing every aspect of HVAC maintenance management under one intuitive platform. This integration empowers professionals to focus on quality maintenance rather than administrative hurdles.
  • Environmental Sustainability
    • When assets are well maintained, they are given the best possible chance of optimal operating performance. This means that for every HVAC component, from airflow systems to cooling coils, the energy usage is more likely to be efficient and the assets are more likely to last longer. This highlights a commitment to not just efficiency but environmental responsibility.
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Why Choose SFG20 for HVAC Maintenance?


"Our culture allows us to provide an exceptional service for our clients in order they may grow, so it is important that we use a definitive standard for planned maintenance. This is where SFG20 comes in. It is industry best practice used by major companies. It provides comfort in the knowledge that the number of labour hours charged by a company is standardised giving peace of mind to clients that they aren’t being overcharged. SFG20 has reduced costs by 20 per cent on some of our sites."

Frequently Asked Questions

About HVAC Maintenance

What is HVAC Management?

This is the oversight of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems within facilities. It encompasses regular maintenance and repair of system components, operational monitoring for optimal performance, ensuring adherence to relevant standards and regulations, strategising for energy efficiency, managing budgets, coordinating with technical staff, and preparing for potential emergencies. The primary objective is to guarantee comfortable, safe, and efficient indoor environments through a systematic and coordinated approach.

Who is responsible for HVAC Maintenance Management?

This typically falls to Facilities Managers or HVAC Managers within an organisation or facility. They oversee the regular inspection, repair, and upkeep of HVAC systems, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with standards. In larger setups, a dedicated HVAC maintenance team supports these managers, handling specific tasks and repairs. In smaller establishments, the building owner or administrative staff might directly oversee HVAC maintenance. External contractors can also be engaged for specialised tasks or routine service checks. Regardless of the structure, the primary goal is to ensure a consistent, safe, and efficient climate-controlled environment.

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