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SFG20 has a comprehensive and expansive library of maintenance schedules available to help you build a maintenance plan bespoke for your specific needs.

Whatever sector you operate in, whether it’s transport, utilities, retail, leisure (or anything in-between) SFG20 can help you manage your maintenance activities to ensure that you remain compliant and have customer and employee safety at the forefront of your business.




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  • Empower Your Maintenance Operations with SFG20's Proactive Approach
    • In the dynamic business landscape, effective maintenance is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. SFG20's advanced maintenance management software elevates your maintenance operations to a new level, safeguarding your assets, streamlining processes, and driving operational excellence.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Prevent Downtime, Save Costs
    • SFG20 can be used to optimise your maintenance strategy, prompting timely and preventive maintenance tasks to minimise downtime and reduce the likelihood of costly emergency repairs. In addition, SFG20 guidance ensures your assets are kept well maintained, giving them a greater chance of lasting their full intended lifespan.
  • Streamline Maintenance Management: Prioritise Resources, Centralise Your Information
    • SFG20's facilities maintenance software simplifies and optimises maintenance operations for organisations of all sizes. Our software helps to prioritise and focus resources where they're most needed, creating a streamlined approach to maintenance that can save time, reduce maintenance costs, and provide reliable data to stakeholders.
    • By moving to our easy-to-access software solution, you can create a standardised approach to your maintenance operations that keeps all relevant information – from maintenance task instructions to conformity records – on a secure, cloud-accessible location. Information can be accessed easily by anyone who needs it, and with a robust audit trail, you will be able to evidence that your building maintenance is compliant.
  • Compliance Assurance: Peace of Mind, Enhanced Reputation
    • Industry-specific compliance and adherence to relevant standards and codes of practice safeguard your operations, protect your organisation's reputation, and minimise potential risks.

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Why Choose Planned Preventative Maintenance?

  • Enhance Regulatory Compliance
    • SFG20's comprehensive library of maintenance schedules covers a wide variety of assets helps you ensure that your facilities meet regulations, safeguarding your operations and protecting your organisation's reputation. These dynamic schedules automatically update to reflect the latest legislation, ensuring you're always following compliant guidance.
  • Optimise Maintenance Efficiency and Reduce Costs
    • Implementing a preventative maintenance program helps promote routine maintenance and proactive asset management, keeping your equipment running smoothly for extended periods. This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of costly unplanned downtime and failures, while optimising resource utilisation. By preventing breakdowns instead of repairing them, you achieve a higher base level of operational efficiency.
  • Centralise Your Maintenance Schedules
    • SFG20 software solutions streamline your maintenance operations, providing a single source for  maintenance regime creation, cost estimation, and integration with third-party maintenance software systems. This centralised approach ensures seamless workflow and data management.
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Why Choose Planned Preventative Maintenance?

"We find SFG20 to be an invaluable tool in providing technical maintenance service to our large portfolio of clients. The flexibility of the software is fantastic and has enabled us to tailor maintenance schedules to fit our individual client needs."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)?

We will begin in this chapter by dealing with some general quantum mechanical ideas. Some of the statements will be quite precise, others only partially precise. It will be hard to tell you as we go along which is which, but by the time you have finished the rest of the book, you will understand in looking back which parts hold up and which parts were only explained roughly.

What is Maintenance Planning?

Maintenance planning is the process of organising and scheduling maintenance activities to ensure the reliability and availability of equipment and systems. It involves identifying, planning, and scheduling maintenance tasks, as well as coordinating resources, ensuring quality control, and documenting the process.

Why is Maintenance Planning Important?
  • Prevent unplanned downtime: By scheduling and prioritising maintenance tasks, unplanned breakdowns can be minimised, reducing disruptions to operations and production.
  • Maximise equipment lifespan: Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues before they cause major damage, maximising the lifespan of equipment and reducing the need for costly replacements.
  • Improve asset utilisation: Planning and scheduling maintenance activities ensures that equipment is utilised efficiently, maximising productivity and reducing downtime losses.
  • Ensure compliance: Maintenance planning helps organisations ensure that they are completing all statutory maintenance tasks to remain compliant.

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