Never fall off the SFG20 standard again!


  • Did you know that many end users are unwittingly falling off the SFG20 standard on a daily basis because their FM systems do not contain the latest version of the standard?

  • By choosing a provider that is part of the SFG20 Digital Partner Programme, the issues associated with manual imports and data entry become a thing of the past. Our API allows SFG20 updates to flow into our digital partners’ FM systems. 

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Why choose an SFG20 Digital Partner?


  • Improve efficiency
    Our Digital Partners use an API that removes the 
    need to import or enter data manually. 
  • Retain control
    As soon as updates are made to SFG20 content, users 
    are notified and can choose when to accept updates. Accepted updates will flow directly into other connected FM systems.
  • Achieve compliance
    Our API ensures that integration partners 
    receive accepted updates to SFG20 maintenance schedules automatically, meaning users never risk falling off the SFG20 standard.
  • Easy integration
    complex maintenance tasks are broken down into 
    straightforward steps which are easy to integrate with our digital partners’ systems.

Our Current Software Integrators

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