Maintenance Management for Government Facilities

SFG20, the industry standard for building maintenance, is used by local and national government to ensure the safe and compliant maintenance of their estates. SFG20’s facilities management software is the perfect choice for facilities maintenance management of government properties across all levels, from Local Authorities to national government buildings. Our comprehensive guidance and easy-to-use software give you the tools you need to ensure your facilities comply with the latest regulations and legislation. In addition, SFG20 helps users to prioritise and focus resource in the right areas, to ensure the security and safety of both employees and visitors.

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Ensuring Safety and Compliance for Employees, Residents and Visitors

  • Customisable and Centralised Maintenance Schedules
    • Centralise and tailor maintenance schedules to accommodate the diverse needs of varied government properties, facilitating a streamlined execution of daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. Our cloud-based platform can be accessed by multiple stakeholders with a complete audit trail to ensure transparency and consistency. SFG20’s user-friendly platform will help ensure quick adoption across your team with minimal training and reduce the chance of human error.
  • Robust Compliance Management
    • Remain up-to-date with evolving legislative requirements and industry standards, mitigating risks and protecting against non-compliance. Our extensive library of maintenance schedules updates dynamically so you never have to worry about remaining compliant ever again.
  • Asset Mapping
    • Map SFG20 schedules to Uniclass or NRM codes via our asset mapping tool. Import your asset list via an IFC (Industry Foundation Class) or MS Excel file. By incorporating a planned preventative maintenance approach into your maintenance regime you can reduce costly downtime and ensure the long-term upkeep of key assets.
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Ensuring Safety and Compliance for Employees, Residents and Visitors

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Why Choose Planned Preventative Maintenance for Government Facilities?

  • Unparalleled Safety and Compliance
    • Created a structured plan to help mitigate and address potential complications proactively, assuring a secure and well-guarded environment for employees, residents and visitors alike. Ensure your properties are compliant and ahead of legislation at all times, alleviating any legal consequences arising from non-compliance.
  • Operational Excellence
    • Automate and strategically organise maintenance tasks, liberating staff to concentrate on broader governmental initiatives. SFG20 gives your stakeholders an overview of the maintenance activities required to keep equipment and assets in good working order, all centralised in one cloud-based source of truth.
  • Economic Efficiency
    • Avoid unexpected repair expenses and realise the full intended asset life through consistent and well-coordinated maintenance. Our software can also be used for tendering purposes and to audit works completed by third party contractors.
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Why Choose Planned Preventative Maintenance for Government Facilities?


"It is recognised good practice to allocate planned preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance budgets in the region of 70:30 ratio"

Frequently Asked Questions

About Government Facilities Maintenance

How can you Manage Compliance across Different Government Facilities?

Managing compliance across government levels requires staying updated on the ever changing legislative and regulatory landscape. Utilising facilities management software like SFG20 can help through offering insight into upcoming legislation changes, and a dynamically updated library of maintenance schedules, ensuring adherence to standards across all government levels and mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.

How can the Diverse Facility needs across Government Facilities be Effectively Managed?

Using a customisable facilities management system like SFG20 can be a great means of managing the diverse and fragmented needs of various facilities and departments. It allows tailoring of maintenance schedules and real-time monitoring to align management strategies with the specific needs of each facility, promoting operational efficiency and asset longevity.

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