Sports Facilities Maintenance Management

SFG20 is the standard for building maintenance specification. SFG20’s maintenance software is the essential tool for sports facilities management, whether you own or manage an athletics facility, sports arena or even sports fields. Ensure a safe environment for your athletes, employees and visitors that is compliant with government legislation.


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Ensuring Safety and Compliance

  • Keep Your Sports and Athletics Facilities Compliant with Changing Regulations
    • Avoid costly maintenance issues and ensure compliance with governmental legislation with SFG20’s dynamically updating library of schedules. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re always working to the latest standards and regulations, so you can focus on maintaining your equipment and services.
  • Simplify Maintenance Management for Sports Facilities
    • Whether you manage one or multiple facilities, SFG20’s easy-to-use maintenance software is designed to help you simplify and streamline your maintenance management operations. SFG20 gives you one source of truth to work from: your schedules can be customised to suit your facility’s unique needs, and these schedules can be shared with internal teams and external contractors for completion of works.
    • SFG20’s schedules are colour-coded by priority. This means you can easily identify which activities are Statutory, Optimal and Discretionary. With an at-a-glance view of your maintenance requirements, it becomes even simpler to keep your assets in good condition.
  • Create a Safe Environment for Your Athletes and Spectators
    • SFG20 empowers maintenance personnel to incorporate a proactive maintenance approach that focuses on routine maintenance rather than repairing assets when problems arise. Proactive maintenance gives you, your athletes, spectators and your staff the peace of mind that the equipment and facilities are in a safe and functional condition. From training to playing a match, athletes can then focus on their sport and your staff can focus on maintaining excellent levels of service.
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Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Streamline and simplify your sports facilities maintenance today

Why Choose SFG20 for Sports Facilities Maintenance?

  • Simplify Management and Maintain Compliance
    • Stay compliant with legislative requirements with dynamically updating lists and schedules. With an extensive library of maintenance schedules, including content that cover the unique needs of sports facilities, you can create and customise a maintenance regime that covers all of your building fabric, assets and grounds. In this way, you’re able to move to a preventative maintenance programme that focuses on performing routine maintenance in order to maximise the life of your assets and avoid costly repairs.
  • Grow and Upgrade your Business Assets Seamlessly
    • Introducing new assets and equipment to your facilities and your maintenance schedules couldn’t be easier with SFG20. New equipment can be easily added to your schedules and you can even work out what new resources you might need in order to carry out this work.

Why Choose SFG20 for Sports Facilities Maintenance?


"Our culture allows us to provide an exceptional service for our clients in order they may grow, so it is important that we use a definitive standard for planned maintenance. This is where SFG20 comes in. It is industry best practice used by major companies. It provides comfort in the knowledge that the number of labour hours charged by a company is standardised giving peace of mind to clients that they aren’t being overcharged. SFG20 has reduced costs by 20 per cent on some of our sites."

Frequently Asked Questions

About Sports Facilities Maintenance

What is Sports Facilities Management?

Sports facilities management is the specialised field of management concerned with the operation, maintenance, and oversight of sports facilities, such as gyms, football pitches, swimming pools, wellness centres, and arenas.

What is the role of Sports Facilities Maintenance?

It encompasses a range of responsibilities, including maintenance and upkeep of equipment and facilities, the safety and compliance of facilities, the operational efficiency of equipment and processes as well as budgeting and financial management of investments in upgrades or new equipment.

Who is responsible for Sports Facilities Maintenance?

Sports facilities maintenance responsibility typically lies with a combination of roles, varying by the facility's size and structure. A Facilities Manager often oversees the process, ensuring infrastructure and equipment remain in top condition. They are supported by maintenance teams or technicians who handle hands-on repairs and upkeep. In some scenarios, especially in smaller venues, administrative staff or even the facility's owners might directly manage maintenance tasks. Additionally, specialised tasks might be delegated to external contractors or groundskeepers, especially for outdoor sporting areas. Regardless of the facility's scale, the central objective is ensuring a safe and optimal sporting environment.

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