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Case Study: Serco


Staying compliant with the aid of legislative updates

International service company Serco have been established 50 years and operate globally across a broad range of sectors, providing services to both local and national governments, as well as a series of private clients.

Serco are one of the leading companies in the buildings management sector, employing 58,000 people within the UK and over 100,000 worldwide.

Serco use the SFG20 standard maintenance specification for building and engineering services to remain legally compliant and to increase their operational efficiency.

Adrian Harris Central Operations & Field Services Manager, Serco describes how SFG20 is benefiting their business:

 QuoteThe demands of most of our clients necessitate the use of SFG20. Our client base is diverse and rapidly expanding and often has differing and bespoke needs. The SFG20 core library is constantly updated, which ensures the information is always available to keep us within the law and up-to-date with our statutory obligations.

 It’s very helpful having the reference there. It really works for me; it’s so clear and precise, which is important when you’re working to strict regulations, as we are, more often than not. 

We previously had various licences but closed them all down and streamlined our operation. We’re more efficient now and the Serco-wide SFG20 user license allows us to have concise information at our finger tips with myself or colleagues logging onto the SFG20 website and accessing relevant data when needed. 

There are other services I’ve used and could use, but SFG20 is the most consistent with its updates, which is why it’s so invaluable to us. Quote Upside



What to expect from an SFG20 demonstration

  • To meet a friendly, professional product expert

  • To have a tailored demonstration focusing on the functionality that will benefit you the most

  • To spend approximately 30 minutes with a team member and learn how SFG20 can solve your specific challenges

What NOT to expect:

  • No hard sell!

  • No monologues!

  • No lengthy product demonstration!

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