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The Perfect Solution for Facilities Managers

SFG20 is the industry standard for building maintenance checklists. SFG20’s software gives easy and convenient access to a library of over 1200 maintenance schedules and a range of equipment types that are dynamically updated to reflect changes in legislation.

Create your own bespoke checklists so you can stay on top of your maintenance activities and avoid over- or under-maintaining your assets, while also remaining compliant in the face of ever-changing regulations.

From equipment replacement guidelines to preventative maintenance measures, electrical system checkups to replacing air filters on time, SGF20’s software helps you to stay on top of your preventative maintenance program regardless of industry or types of equipment.

Key Benefits: SFG20’s Facilities Management Checklists

  • Remain compliant with the latest legislation, even as it changes
  • Extend the lifetime of your assets by ensuring they’re always in proper operational order and well-maintained
  • Control your costs and defend your budgets by avoiding any costly unplanned maintenance or downtime
  • Save time, energy and money by moving to a preventative maintenance program designed to keep your buildings and assets safe and in good repair

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"SFG20 is the essential go-to resource for industry. SFG20 is well structured resource that allows M&E maintenance service providers to be clear on what maintenance activities are to be carried out and at what frequency. It is well recognised in the industry and removes ambiguity from all parties as to what the maintenance expectation is"

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What Building Maintenance Checklists Does SFG20 Include?

  • Access over 1200 maintenance schedules, covering all possible aspects of a building and its operation – from building fabric and catering to water systems, heating, security and much, much more
  • Ability to customise & create your own custom maintenance schedules
  • View and download asset profiles that display schedule criticality according to whether each task is mandatory, functional or discretionary
  • Access schedules in the field via the SFG20 Mobile App*. 

* licenced users only

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What to expect from an SFG20 demonstration

Perhaps we should start with what NOT to expect. No hard sell, no monologues, no lengthy product demonstration.

What you CAN expect is to meet a friendly, professional product expert who is there to listen to you and to find out more about your business challenges. Once we know more about you, we can tailor the demonstration and focus on showing you the functionality that will interest and benefit you the most.

You can expect to spend approximately 30 minutes with a member of our team, at the end of which you’ll know exactly how SFG20 can solve your specific challenges, saving you time, energy and money. We are looking forward to meeting you.

How Can SFG20’s Suite of Maintenance Checklists Help Your Organisation?

Keep assets functioning at their best

Keep assets functioning at their best

Tasks are colour-coded by priority, so you can easily identify which are statutory, mandatory, function-critical or discretionary. No more over- or under-maintenance.

Dynamically updated in line with legislation

Dynamically updated in line with legislation

Never worry about compliance again. SFG20’s checklists are updated as legislations and regulations change, so you’re always working to the latest standards.

Clearly defined maintenance information

Clearly defined maintenance information

Develop bespoke building maintenance checklists that suit your needs and can be amended as required. 'Access schedules in the field via the SFG20 Mobile App.' (licenced users only)

Explore SFG20’s Library of Schedules and Checklists

FAQs About SGF20’s Facilities Management Checklists

Business Maintenance Checklists ensure that your business stays in good working order and is compliant with all existing legislation and safety regulations. Whether you’re outsourcing your facilities management or running it in-house, building maintenance checklists give you oversight across all your maintenance activities so that your facilities and assets are always in solid operational condition.

Business maintenance checklists allow you to move from reactionary maintenance, where you’re tackling problems as they arise, which can often prove costly in terms of both time and money, towards preventive maintenance, where you run regular upkeep so that all of your equipment stays in the best condition.

On top of this, you can also use checklists to create and respond to tenders, if you choose to outsource your maintenance activities, for auditing purposes, and to help create efficiencies within your maintenance plan so you know that you’re always working to the best possible standard.

Preventive maintenance is designed to keep your assets in their best working order to prevent any unplanned downtime when equipment breaks or isn’t safe. By proactively maintaining your assets, you’re more likely to avoid any age-related failings or breakages.

In practice, a preventive maintenance program will have periodical check ups on all equipment; cleaning and lubricating equipment regularly, reviewing energy efficiency settings, testing safety devices like carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms, and keeping the building clean and organised. These regular maintenance checkups will help to reduce risks and accidents, which means you can focus on meeting your business goals and KPIs.

A good preventative maintenance strategy will also make sure to keep records of past maintenance works, servicing and inspections. These records serve as a paper trail in case there are any issues, and also can help review performance during annual inspections.

SFG20’s software contains a library of over 1200 maintenance schedules, which means you can build a building maintenance checklist that suits your facility and its unique needs. From monthly facility inspection checklists to your annual inspection, you can manage it all through SFG20’s software to ensure your assets, equipment and facilities stay safe, perform at their best, and remain compliant with current legislation even as it changes.

Have complete oversight over which maintenance activities are mandatory, statutory, function-critical and discretionary with colour-coded task lists so you can organise your maintenance schedule accordingly; keeping every asset and piece of equipment in its best possible condition to avoid costly breakages and downtime. You’ll even be able to see which skill sets are required for which activities, so you’ll always have the right team or person for the job.

By creating and storing all of your checklists with SFG20, you have a complete record of your past facility maintenance checklists for accountability, reference and improvements. You’ll never be left wondering when you had the sprinkler system installed or if the HVAC system requires cleaning.

Whether you outsource your facilities maintenance, or you run it in-house, SFG20’s checklists make sure that you know your maintenance work is being done in a timely manner. With colour-coding and easy-to-amend schedules, you can see if you’ve fallen behind on any statutory or function-critical maintenance and make sure that you get back on track. Acting as both a reference point and a paper trail, you can use SFG20’s facility management checklists to create efficiencies in your maintenance plans, audit your activities and even act as the basis for tender if you ever decide to review your partnerships.

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