Build a Compelling Business Case for SFG20 in Your Organisation

SFG20 is the desired solution to your maintenance needs, but obtaining approval for funding in your organisation isn't always straight forward.

You need a compelling business case.

Adopting the industry standard for building maintenance helps users achieve compliance, but what does that mean for the budget position, or balancing safety and legal risk with operational needs?

We surveyed people in industry to understand the common challenges organisations face when implementing new FM software. In response, we have created a resource pack to help you with these challenges.

In this resources pack you will find:

  • Building a Compelling Business Case - E-guide
  • How much could you save using SFG20? - Savings Calculator 
  • Writing your business case report - Microsoft Word Template
  • Presenting your business case - PowerPoint Template 

This resource pack contains the information you need to obtain the funding for SFG20 in your organisation.

With everything from 4 ways SFG20 can save you money, to 7 principles to present a successful business case, you have everything you need to put forward a strong case for SFG20 in your organisation.

It's time to upgrade your approach to building maintenance with SFG20.

Kickstart the journey by downloading the resources today!


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Cost calculator assumptions: calculations based upon a company creating and updating their own maintenance schedules. Numbers based on 50% of schedules within SFG20 packages. For large organisations the savings are likely to be greater.


Business Case Resource Pack: What to Expect

The resource pack contains 4 downloads that will help you produce a compelling business case for SFG20. Producing a business case can be hard work and time intensive. This resource pack is designed to reduce the effort needed to produce a business case so that you can go from obtaining a quote to using SFG20 as quickly as possible.


The e-guide will help you through the process of building your business case, giving you considerations on:

  • The common pain points Facility Managers face and their consequences
  • Key information that will help convince your key stakeholders SFG20 is a ‘no brainer’
  • Overcoming the biggest challenges organisations face when implementing new FM software
  • The ways you can use SFG20 to save you money
  • How to present your business case

The e-guide is greatly enhanced by the SFG20 Cost Savings Calculator. The Savings Calculator will help you define how much you time and money you could save by adopting the SFG20 standard. This will be a critical piece of information to include in your business case.

In addition to the e-guide and Savings Calculator you can download:

  • The Written Business Case Template
  • The Presented Business Case Template

You may need to write a business case before presenting one, although this can vary between organisations. The written business case has the complete narrative of why SFG20 is your recommendation, the benefits, and the risks of non-compliance. You can use the written template to craft your narrative if you are required to present your business case.

To learn more about building a compelling business case for SFG20 in your organisation, download your resource pack today!

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