Maintenance Management for Healthcare Facilities

Manage the maintenance of your healthcare facilities with the help of SFG20 and ensure that you’re remaining compliant and keeping patient safety a core focus of your maintenance activities. Whether you manage hospitals, NHS Trusts, dentists or healthcare practices, SFG20’s maintenance management software is designed with healthcare facilities in mind.

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“Although moving to SFG20 from our in-house maintenance schedules took time and a financial investment, it was the right thing to do. We know now that we adhere not only to MHRA requirements, but we can also be certain that we are always meeting all of our legal maintenance requirements on all of our equipment and sites.”

Mark Walsh, National Estates and Facilities Technical Manager at NHS Blood and Transplant

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Benefits of SFG20 for Healthcare Facility Maintenance

SFG20 is a completely unique tool for managing preventative maintenance operations and activities. The definitive standard for facilities maintenance, SFG20’s cloud-based software enables facilities managers, building owners and contractors alike to easily manage their planned preventative maintenance activities in order to keep their facilities and buildings in good working order and compliant with existing regulations. 

Healthcare organisations can use SFG20 to support their maintenance management function. Not only can maintenance managers build a maintenance plan that suits their facility’s needs with ease, but by using tools like SFG20 Resource Modeller it’s easy to quantify and plan your maintenance operations. From extending the life of medical facilities to improving patient satisfaction and safety, you’ll feel the benefits of using SFG20 straight away.

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Keep Your Healthcare Facilities Compliant with HTMs

Developed in collaboration with the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management, SFG20’s healthcare-specific schedules and tasks incorporate guidance from HTMs. By combining current statutory requirements, industry guidance and established best practices, you can rest assured that your healthcare facilities are kept in the best condition and remain compliant with legislative requirements.

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Simplify Maintenance Management for Healthcare Facilities

Whether you manage a single GP’s office or a number of hospital buildings, SFG20 helps you simplify your healthcare facilities maintenance management. Using our growing library of schedules, you can create your own maintenance schedules that suit your healthcare facility’s unique needs and requirements. With colour-coding and easy-to-customise lists, you’ll always have an at-a-glance view of what maintenance activities need to be completed when and using which skill set.  

Using SFG20’s Resource Modeller and Asset Mapping, it’s easy to plan your maintenance operations as your facilities change and grow. Asset Mapping allows you to easily map assets to SFG20 schedules, while Resource Modeller helps you to quantify maintenance plans and produce scenarios. Required changes in resourcing can also be identified, as new healthcare facilities are acquired.

Improve Outcomes for Patients, Staff and Visitors

In routinely maintaining hospital equipment, you can be rest assured that your patients’ safety is being taken care of. Avoid unplanned failures, costly downtime, and unexpected maintenance expenses while looking after the well-being of staff and patients. SFG20’s schedules will ensure that your facilities are maintained appropriately, helping you to improve the outcomes for patients, staff and visitors alike. 

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How SFG20 Helps You Manage Your Healthcare Facilities

SFG20 helps healthcare maintenance staff manage their preventative maintenance activities by providing comprehensive lists of schedules and maintenance guidance. Dynamically updating in relation to changing regulations and best practice, you can be sure that your all-important medical facilities are being well maintained. 

Standardise your maintenance regime to create greater efficiencies, especially if your healthcare facilities management function spans multiple sites and buildings. Using a cloud-based platform, you can create one source of truth for all of your maintenance activities, regardless of the facility. SFG20 can be used to audit performance, as a benchmarking tool, and to tender out to maintenance contractors to support your maintenance team.

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Stay compliant with legislative requirements with dynamically updating lists and schedules.

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Save time, energy and money by moving to a proactive approach to maintenance that keeps your assets in their best condition.

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Understand your asset maintenance requirements and streamline your processes with our software.

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