A resource library of maintenance schedules

Develop bespoke maintenance schedules to suit your needs, amending non-statutory tasks as required.

The world of building maintenance just got simpler...

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Tailored maintenance with customisable schedules

SFG20 has a growing library of maintenance task schedules, covering many equipment types and over 1200 individual schedules including Specialist Services. 

Below is the real time list of SFG20 core schedules which you can click and expand to reveal the equipment types. Also featured are the *Specialist Services tasks, which are specific to an industry or sector.

*Specialist Services are subject to an additional fee. 

If you would like to know more about SFG20 or Specialist Services then please call 01768 860459 or email SFG20.info@theBESA.com. 

Over 1200 dynamically updated maintenance task schedules

New Mobile App, free for licenced users

Available on Android, our new free Mobile App enables your Engineers to easily access maintenance schedules in the field.

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New Functional Set release: Residential Care Homes

SFG20 has created a set of task schedules specifically for the Residential Care Home sector. Featuring 568 maintenance schedules across 22 categories, they provide guidance and advice on the operation and maintenance of the specialised equipment used in the delivery of care.

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New Functional Set release: Residential Properties

SFG20 has created a suite of over 750 maintenance task schedules covering assets and equipment found specifically in the Residential Property sector. Each schedule provides detailed guidance on the maintenance and regulatory requirements to optimise your maintenance regimes and ensure compliance.

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Now featuring over 100 HTM aligned schedules

With over 100 healthcare schedules which meet the requirements of the HTMs, this Healthcare Specialist Set has been specifically designed for hospitals, NHS Trusts, dentists, vets and doctors’ surgeries.

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