What Does Being Compliant with SFG20 Really Mean?

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About the webinar

Join us for an enlightening session as we delve into the intricacies of SFG20 compliance. Hosted by Lisa Hamilton and Les Bewick, this webinar aims to shed light on the importance of adhering to industry standards in building maintenance.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the History: Learn how the need for a standardised approach to building maintenance emerged.
  • Safety & Efficiency: Discover how SFG20 ensures the well-being of occupants and optimises resource use.
  • Legal Compliance: Gain insights into how SFG20 aligns with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Best Practices: Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions in maintenance planning and execution.

Who should watch?

  • Any one who is responsible for maintenance 
  • Facilities Managers
  • Estate Managers
  • Facilities Consultants
  • Building owners



Victoria Fleming

Chief Revenue Officer


Lisa Hamilton

Lisa Hamilton

Director of Marketing


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