About this webinar

Building a business case can be time consuming and feel like a distraction from your ever-increasing to-do list. But if you want to win the argument for funding, you must build a compelling case.


Watch this webinar to receive insights into:


  • How to put forward the most compelling business case for SFG20 – including brand new resources that will help you convince your organisation to adopt SFG20
  • The biggest challenges that organisations face when implementing new FM software – based on data collected from surveying the FM industry
  • The 4 ways you can use SFG20 to save your organisation money – including our brand new Savings Calculator.
  • How you can put together and present a compelling business case without it overwhelming your schedule

    As part of the webinar you will get exclusive first-look access to our new resource pack.

Watch this webinar and start building a compelling business case for SFG20 in your organisation.



About Facilities-iQ

Facilities-iQ, a part of the SFG20 suite, is designed to bring efficiency and innovation to facility maintenance planning. By integrating directly with FM systems, Facilities-iQ ensures that maintenance plans are not only tailored to your specific needs but are also easily accessible and up-to-date within your existing FM infrastructure.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionise your maintenance planning. Register now and unlock the full potential of Facilities-iQ.

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