About this webinar

Created in response to transformative legislation shifts, Facilities-iQ will help you to navigate the evolving compliance landscape and redefine how you implement best practice.

Attend the webinar to get an exclusive first showcase of Facilities-iQ from our experts. The live demo will showcase the extraordinary features and benefits that make Facilities-iQ a game changer in how you manage your maintenance, including:
  • Smart search - say goodbye to the chaos of sifting through schedules
  • Tailored content - create a bespoke experience by customising your schedules
  • Secure sharing - collaboration made simple
  • Content notifications - choose when to implement updates to your maintenance plan
Learn more about the latest way to gain maximum value from SFG20.

Also in this webinar, discover new resources available to support you with writing a business case to use SFG20 in your organisation.

Who Should Watch?

For Professionals Dedicated to Excellence in Maintenance

  • Facilities Managers looking to update their strategies.
  • Maintenance Professionals seeking to enhance their skills.
  • Organisational Leaders aiming to align maintenance with business objectives.
  • Anyone passionate about staying ahead in the field of maintenance management.

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