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Case Study: Kershaw Mechanical Services


Enabling tailored maintenance for a large portfolio of clients

The Kershaw Group offers a one stop shop for building services from technical maintenance, mechanical and electrical project works through to asbestos management and roofing.

Richard Royal, General Manager, Kershaw Facilities Management & Special Projects:

 Quote  We find SFG20 to be an invaluable tool in providing a technical maintenance service to our large portfolio of clients. The flexibility of the software having upgraded from a core membership is fantastic and has enabled us to tailor maintenance schedules to fit our individual client needs as we work with such a wide variety of building end users

The tool allowing us to create a custom specification booklet for clients has added significant value and is a great added extra to offer. Also having ‘real time’ updates sent to us via email is integral as it ensures we are always up to date and in full accordance with industry standards.

We receive many enquiries from varying sectors and having the technical backup of the SFG20 software to complement our dedicated team of technical engineers is invaluable.

We use SFG20 on a daily basis and having a group login ensures wherever we are we all have access to the software at all times.

We find SFG20 an invaluable tool in providing a technical maintenance service to our large portfolio of clients Quote upside




What to expect from an SFG20 demonstration

  • To meet a friendly, professional product expert

  • To have a tailored demonstration focusing on the functionality that will benefit you the most

  • To spend approximately 30 minutes with a team member and learn how SFG20 can solve your specific challenges

What NOT to expect:

  • No hard sell!

  • No monologues!

  • No lengthy product demonstration!

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