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SFG20 launches new software solution for residential landlords, tenants and owners

The new SFG20 Residential Property Functional Set supports transparency on building maintenance safety requirements for all parties in shared and occupied dwellings.

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SFG20 is the unique solution for facilities managers and building maintenance teams. It is the web-based industry maintenance standard for building services developed by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).

The Residential Property Functional Set is a suite of over 750 maintenance task schedules covering assets and equipment found in the residential property sector.

Steve Tomkins, Head of Business Development for SFG20, says: “Each schedule provides detailed guidance on the maintenance and pertinent regulatory requirements. This ensures optimal preventative maintenance regimes are in place, and that buildings are compliant with the latest legislation, guidance and best practice.”

Safety in residential properties is a key issue in today’s maintenance sector. This new solution from SFG20 offers peace-of-mind for not only for maintenance and facilities teams, but also landlords and building tenants.

The launch comes at a time when safety and maintenance in the residential buildings sector is under particular scrutiny. The new Building Safety Bill (currently in draft form) is the result of Dame Judith Hackitt’s review of UK building regulations. It focuses on ‘higher risk’ buildings for the protection of residents. The Bill covers the design and construction of these buildings, and seeks to assure residents that the buildings they live in ‘are safe and remain so’


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residentialTomkins says: “It will be vital to ensure that maintenance of these buildings is carried out to a recognised standard, which SFG20 is. Dame Judith Hackitt highlighted ignorance of current legislation as a major problem in our sector, and our aim is to provide a solution that keeps everyone up-to-date and their buildings compliant.”

SFG20 covers the key components of a building that require preventative maintenance to protect the building’s integrity and operation. “SFG20 includes elements from building fabric to operational support and protective service systems, ensuring they operate as intended should the worst happen,” explains Tomkins.

The SFG20 Residential Property Functional Set also supports effective planning for users. Its schedules are fully customisable, so that specific tasks for a building can be easily highlighted along with expected service times. Colour-coding to distinguish between mandatory and discretionary tasks helps users project manage more efficiently, saving time, energy and money.

“For landlords, the benefit of better maintenance is not simply compliance,” says Tomkins. “Managed maintenance means that building services equipment meets its expected design life and there are far fewer unexpected breakdowns, saving money and keeping residents safe.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the SFG20 Residential Property Functional Set can find out more by contacting us or calling on 01768 806615.



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