SFG20 Asset Mapping Software

Say hello to our asset management data mapping solution. Easily upload, map and model asset information and link to relevant SFG20 maintenance schedules, saving you both time and money.

As an industry first, SFG20 has worked with CIBSE and RICS to unify and align SFG20, Guide M, Uniclass and NRM industry data structures in our asset management solution.

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Save Time & Money

This asset management mapping software reduces the cost and time it takes to identify maintenance schedules for building assets. By providing the SFG20 maintenance schedule that matches your asset, there’s no time being wasted and no unnecessary costs — both of which can prove to be catastrophic for legacy estates. Don’t have an up-to-date asset register? It's critical that you create one. Without it, you have minimal awareness of the assets within your estate, their condition, location and required maintenance regime to remain compliant.

With such a vast array of information at your disposal, you’ll find this tool hugely beneficial for maintenance planning and management.

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A Single, Accurate Source of Information

One of the critical challenges of asset mapping and establishing maintenance schedules is a lack of consistency with the information available. Essentially, industry data structures don’t all ‘speak the same language’. This makes it difficult to identify the appropriate maintenance schedules for assets and wastes considerable time on manual processes and checking the accuracy of information. With SFG20 Asset Mapping software, this is no longer the case.

With a singular, accurate and reliable source of information — there’s now consistency of asset terminology and a significant improvement in data quality. SFG20 Asset Mapping software allows asset information to be collected and registered correctly, consistently and compliantly. With multiple bodies using different terminologies for assets, structures have never been appropriately aligned…..until now.

With such invaluable data and understanding at your disposal, it has never been easier and quicker to establish your maintenance needs and put them into practice. This saves both time and money that you can invest into other crucial projects while preventing under/over-maintenance of your estate.

In-Depth Understanding of Maintenance Needs

This Asset management data mapping solution is a vital tool for gaining accurate insight into your maintenance requirements and developing a clear understanding of assets and asset types. It uses a single platform with unified asset information for utmost accuracy and clarity.

Once you import Building Information Modelling (BIM) information, SFG20 Asset Mapping software helps map relevant building assets and asset types and can produce a 3D model.* Your 3D model offers clear and actionable insight into what needs maintaining as well as the location of each asset. This process doesn't just increase the convenience of asset mapping; it informs vital maintenance decisions and increases the efficiency of many procedures.

No IFC file? No problem. An alternative method to map assets - accessible to all - is via the upload of an excel-based asset register or SFG20 completed asset template. Contact us and we’d be happy to share our template with you.

Accurate data, a unified 'language' and links to relevant maintenance schedules — an easier, more time and cost-effective way to map assets.

*SFG20 code must be included within the IFC file to produce a 3D model

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"This will simplify the world of building maintenance, making it easier to share and reuse data by using mapped structures and a common language. This, with the continuous evolution of content schedules, is a real benefit to SFG20 subscribers."

Steve Tomkins,
Director of Product Strategy & Business Development

Why Choose SFG20?

Ease of Use

SFG20 Asset Mapping software features an intuitive and straightforward interface. Never before has it been quicker and simpler to create efficient maintenance plans that clearly convey tasks you need to complete, deadlines, and the skills required for completion.

Cost Efficiencies

Adopt a proactive approach with planned preventative maintenance and reduce time and money spent identifying maintenance schedules. Understand your needs quickly and pinpoint maintenance schedules to meet your requirements.


Standardise your approach to maintenance operations with a singular, central hub for maintenance schedules and checklists. Save time and effort on day-to-day management while developing a more in-depth view of asset mapping.

Simple Implementation

SFG20’s API solution allows you to easily connect SFG20 directly into your operating software. Integration is a quick and easy process, and you won’t have to worry about maintenance data errors during work or out of hours.


Our cloud-based software provides dynamic updates that respond to legislation changes. This means you'll never have to worry about issues with maintenance schedules not adhering to the most up-to-date regulations.

Data Sharing Efficiencies

SFG20 simplifies the world of building maintenance by offering solutions to make it easier to use data. Mapped structures and common language offer utmost clarity with assets and asset types, leading to more efficient maintenance scheduling.

Asset Management Solutions from SFG20

How it Works

Step 1: Upload

Upload asset information using either of the following methods:

  • Upload a (BIM) IFC file with defined industry classifications using naming convention.


  • Upload SFG20 data template (MS Excel) with asset data list, including SFG20 schedule code or SFG20 asset type.

Step 2: Map

  • Use SFG20 Asset Mapping software and industry classifications to select the SFG20 maintenance schedule relevant to the asset.
  • Manual mapping allows you to assign and override schedule selection after upload.

Step 3: Model

  • Generate SFG20 Service Models detailing SFG20 maintenance schedules for uploaded assets.
  • Use 3D models to identify the location of assets to be maintained.
  • When used in conjunction with SFG20 Resource Modeller, identify maintenance costs and resources for your existing building portfolio or digital designs.
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Why Should You Use SFG20 Asset Management Data Mapping Solution?

  • Quickly and easily map SFG20 maintenance schedules with Guide M, Uniclass and NRM industry data structures.
  • Prevent time-wasting and unnecessary expenditure associated with identifying maintenance requirements.
  • Enjoy new-found confidence using asset management software to apply maintenance specifications to your assets.
  • Link data structures and information used to gain insight and collation of assets.
  • Asset information modelling for BIM projects, providing 3D modelling.
  • Facilitate data exchange and sharing throughout asset lifecycles at various stages and varying levels of detail.
  • An effective solution for tendering maintenance and renewal work (when used in conjunction with SFG20 Resource Modeller).
  • Industry classifications and associated mappings are reliable, accurately registered and are managed and aligned through close industry collaborations.
  • In conjunction with our API partners, transaction your asset data into your operational systems

Are you looking for a way to increase project efficiency while reducing costs and unnecessary time-wasting?

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Educational Facilities

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Asset Mapping

With the Asset Mapping tool, you can easily upload, map and model your facility’s asset information to get a clear picture of your specific maintenance requirements. Working together with our maintenance software, this asset management data mapping solution helps assign assets to the relevant SFG20 maintenance schedules, so you never have to worry about over or under maintenance again.

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