SFG20 Resource Modeller

SFG20 Resource Modeller is a unique tool that allows users to produce indicative annual maintenance costs and quantify planned preventative maintenance and resource requirements.

For facility management experts, designers and financial modelling professionals, SFG20 Resource Modeller is a must-have tool. It allows you to quickly and easily cost up various scenarios, ensuring you make smarter choices to reduce maintenance costs for both new buildings and legacy estates.

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Better Understand Your Needs

As we mentioned, maintenance covers a large percentage of a building’s total cost during its lifespan. Therefore, finding ways to reduce maintenance costs can have a huge impact on the efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness of current and future operations. Poor budget management or simply a lack of information regarding maintenance costs can have a severe impact on the financial standing of an organisation.

SFG20 Resource Modeller is an essential tool for facility management, as it allows for more accurate estimates regarding maintenance costs and labour requirements. Of course, this is hugely beneficial for facility managers, but also stakeholders. It is important to be able to demonstrate that cost estimates are robust and have the appropriate data to back them up. With Resource Modeller, you have that and much more.

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Inform Potential Solutions During Design

SFG20 Resource Modeller can offer users the insight and understanding of maintenance requirements from an asset basis during the initial design phase. This not only informs future decisions regarding maintenance but also provides the information required to identify and consider potential solutions. Understanding more at an early stage allows for more effective use of budgets while reducing maintenance costs.

With SFG20 Resource Modeller, our customers can produce indicative annualised maintenance cost reports, establish resource requirements and quantify planned preventative maintenance by criticality. With insight and actionable data at your disposal, it’s a much easier task to seek out and implement alternative solutions to better suit your requirements and budget constraints.

Achieve Energy Consumption Targets

''Clean Growth'' has been identified as one of four strategic imperatives by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy — with the goal of halving energy use in new buildings by 2030.

Heating and powering buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy use in the UK - meaning that if we are able to make buildings more energy efficient by embracing and effectively implementing technology — there's a lot of energy and money to be saved. Of course, this means reducing energy bills, the demand for energy, and boosting economic growth. All while meeting carbon reduction targets.

Environmental awareness and an active effort to reduce energy consumption play a key role in reducing maintenance costs. As everyone strives to ensure buildings are more efficient and encourage longevity, maintenance solutions need to ensure assets operate efficiently through effective and applied maintenance interventions.

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"Resource Modeller has been aligned to the RICS’s new rules of measurement (NRM3), the industry accepted standard method of labour loading and costing of planned maintenance."

Steve Tomkins,
Director of Product Strategy & Business Development

Why Choose SFG20?

Ease of Use

SFG20 Resource Modeller features an intuitive and straightforward interface. Never before has it been quicker and simpler to estimate maintenance costs or identify labour requirements.

Budget Planning

Produce quantified annual maintenance costs to aid tendering and benchmarking activities, as well as providing a valuable tool for budget planning and justification.


Adopt a standardised approach to maintenance with a central hub for maintenance schedules and checklists. Save effort on day-to-day management and develop a more in-depth view of annual maintenance costs.

Software Integration

Our API solution lets users connect SFG20 directly to their operation software. Integration is quick and easy, and you have peace of mind knowing data errors associated with manual intervention are removed.


SFG20 Resource Modeller is fully customisable to help you optimise maintenance and resource requirements against affordability. Achieve this with the ability to provide annualised indicative costs and times broken down by legal compliance.

Time Management

SFG20 Resource Modeller makes pulling together and analysing maintenance costs a simple and quick task. This allows you to focus your time on identifying options for reducing maintenance costs across your estate.

How it Works

Use SFG20 Resource Modeller by following these six, easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Input Building Details

    Including region and gross internal floor area (GIFA).

  2. Select Appropriate Schedules

    Select schedules based on the assets at a location.

  3. Amend Model Quantities & Out-of-Hours Working

    Amend task frequencies and out-of-hours rates as required.

  4. Adjust Hourly Rates & Input Specialist Costs

    Review and update rates against skillsets for standard time and region if needed.

  5. Adjust Variables

    This is an annualised maintenance cost plan. Adjust variables by amending default percentages.

  6. Resource Model Summary

    Summary of your annualised resource/cost profile for PPM activities.

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Are you looking for an effective way to reduce maintenance costs?

Speak to one of our asset management experts today 


Educational Facilities

Compliance with legislation needs to be a top priority for any educational setting. Ensure the health and safety of both staff and students as well as adherence with legislation with SFG20.

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Sports Facilities

For local or professional sports facilities, your facilities must be maintained and kept to a high standard to ensure safety. SFG20’s maintenance software is designed to ensure a safe environment for athletes, staff and spectators.

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FM Contractors

Regardless of industry, sector or size — SFG20 offers vital tools for facility management experts to ensure you remain compliant, manage your maintenance needs and stick to your budget.

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hospital building

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

For those in the healthcare profession, SFG20 provides specialist HTM aligned content. By using our maintenance schedules, colour-coded by criticality, it's easy to see what tasks need to be performed to remain compliant with legislation.

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residential building

Residential Properties

For landlords and property managers, it doesn’t get better than SFG20’s Resource Modelling software. The perfect solution for forecasting maintenance costs for new buildings and renovating old buildings to suit modern energy and financial requirements.

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Our Products

Library of Schedules

SFG20’s preventative maintenance software is our online, dynamically updating service designed to help you manage your facilities maintenance with ease while always staying compliant, regardless of changes in legislation. With over 2000 maintenance schedules to work from, you can create a proactive maintenance plan to suit your business’s unique needs.

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Asset Mapping

With our Asset Mapping tool, you can easily upload, map and model your facility’s asset information to get a clear picture of your specific maintenance requirements. Working together with our maintenance software, this asset management data mapping solution helps assign assets to the relevant SFG20 maintenance schedules, so you never have to worry about over or under maintenance again.

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Resource Modeller

Resource Modeller is designed for anyone who needs to estimate maintenance costs or labour requirements. Estimate and quantify the annualised cost of maintenance to aid in tendering and benchmarking activities, as well as budget planning. This is a must-have tool for facilities management, finance and building design professionals.

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