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SFG20 software tools are designed to help you maximise the value of our technical content, with the ability to tailor to your specific requirements.  Our tools are user-friendly, scalable, and customisable to provide you with the right solution for your business. With SFG20, you can be assured of complete compliance, efficiency, and cost optimisation.


Explore our range of software tools today and unlock the full potential of our technical content. Our range of products support you with every step of your building maintenance:


SFG20 helps you to map your assets swiftly

Businesses can spend up to 12 months surveying assets and identifying the appropriate preventative maintenance schedules. SFG20's Asset Mapping tool eliminates that time and cost completely.

Simply upload your asset list as an MS Excel or IFC file and our Asset Mapping tool will map each asset to the relevant SFG20 code, allowing you to build a bespoke maintenance plan in a fraction of the time it would take to create from scratch 

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SFG20 helps you create your maintenance plan

Our Service Model software tool allows you to create a bespoke maintenance plan for an individual building, groups of buildings or systems.

Users can select and add the applicable SFG20 maintenance schedules. In addition, schedules can be customised to suit your unique needs, or even created from scratch 

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SFG20 helps you cost up your maintenance plan

Gone are the days of costing building maintenance on a metre squared basis! SFG20 Resource Modeller will provide you with a quantified plan, based on the assets contained within your building. Not only that, but it will also tell you what size team you need, skill sets required and how much maintenance tasks will cost. It even breaks tasks down and tells you how much the legally required maintenance will cost to perform versus optimal and discretionary spend. The outputs can be used to defend and justify maintenance budgets and as a key input for forecasting and planning 

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SFG20 integrates with CAFM/CMMS for efficient working

Our API solution facilitates integration with commonly used CAFM and CMMS systems to aid interoperability


"SFG20 helps us provide clarity, become more efficient, reduce wastage and increased confidence from a clients perspective. We have been able to standardise our tasks across the business and across multiple service areas to prevent differences in service delivery and compliant risks."

Lisa Williams,
Sales & Marketing Manager, Facility Services Group (FSG)

SFG20 provides training to ensure you maximise the value of your subscription

Our online sessions offer a comprehensive experience that is tailored to meet the needs of different businesses.

  • tick Our training offering is flexible and built to suit your needs.
  • tick Our online training course is accessible and affordable, running over three consecutive days each month
  • tick We also offer on-site training for clients with bespoke needs


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An excellent training package


"An excellent training package to introduce or expand on already held knowledge of the SFG20 Software and specific application potential in the workplace. Well produced and planned out, with concise and clear delivery from an experienced and engaging presenter. Highly recommended"

SFG20 Training course attendee

SFG20 produces a wide variety of technical content

The library of content has been developed to suit the needs of our diverse customer base. Customers are able to build their bespoke package by selecting maintenance schedules that are applicable to their asset list and estate.

  • SFG20 core library of over 2000 schedules contains the tasks required to maintain assets that are commonly found in buildings e.g., Air Conditioning, Boilers and Heat Generators, Fire Alarm Systems and Water Services, to name but a few. 
  • Specialist content has been developed to suit assets found in select buildings and industries. Each set of specialist schedules can be added to complement the core library to create truly bespoke content for your estate.

  • SFG20 specialist content consists of: Access Equipment and Lifts, Building Fabric, Catering, Healthcare (Aligned with Health Technical Memoranda), Laboratory Equipment, Management Tasks, Mechanical Handling Equipment, Operational, Security and Surveillance Systems, Mothballing and Reactivation and Workshop Equipment

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Our Products

Service Model

Service Model

  • Designed to help you manage your facilities maintenance with ease while always staying compliant regardless of changes in legislation. 

  • Over 2000 maintenance schedules to work from, you can create a proactive maintenance plan to suit your business’s unique needs.

See our Maintenance Software 

Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping

  • Easily upload, map and model your facility’s asset information to get a better picture of your specific maintenance requirements.

  • This asset management data mapping solution helps assign your assets to the relevant maintenance schedules, saving you significant time and effort.

Our Asset Management Solution 

Resource Modeller

Resource Modeller

  • Designed for anyone who needs to estimate maintenance costs or labour requirements.

  • Estimate and quantify the annualised cost of maintenance to aid in tendering and benchmarking activities, as well as planning your budget for the year ahead.

Explore Resource Modeller 

SFG20 provides a solutions service for clients seeking technical support


Working with a wide range of clients, SFG20 Solutions can create bespoke Functional Sets for specific industries such as railways, hospitals, prisons and airports, to name but a few. 

Discover how can SFG20’s Maintenance Schedules can help your business?

Discover a growing library of over 2000 maintenance schedules and build your own bespoke facilities management plan for your building’s requirements.

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