SFG20’s List Of Maintenance Schedules

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Which Maintenance Schedules Are Included?

  • Air Conditioning/Handling Units
  • Boilers, Burners and Heat Generators
  • Chillers, Cold Rooms and Food Storage
  • Ducting, Fans and Filters
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Heat Emitters, Exchangers and Rejection Systems
  • Hot and Cold Water Services and Pipe Work
  • Power Generators, Supplies and Pumps
  • Vacuum Systems, Valves and Ventilation

Explore the full list of schedules currently available to SFG20 users, including lists of Specialist Services such as Building Fabric, Catering and Healthcare.

Schedules List

Which Maintenance Schedules Are Included?

The World Of Building Maintenance Just Got Simpler

Discover a growing library of over 2000 maintenance schedules and build your own bespoke facilities management plan for your building’s requirements.


The Industry Standard For Building Maintenance and Compliance

With access to a growing library of maintenance task schedules, covering many equipment types and over 2000 individual schedules, it’s easy to see why SFG20’s unique tool is the definitive standard for planned preventative maintenance.

Never worry about staying compliant again. SFG20’s schedules dynamically update in response to changing legislation and regulations. You can even amend non-statutory tasks as required to suit your business’s needs.

SFG20’s task lists are colour-coded so you can easily differentiate between statutory, mandatory, function-critical and discretionary tasks. This way, you always have an “at-a-glance” view of what maintenance works need to be completed in order to keep your building or site safe for your employees and performing at its best.


The Industry Standard For Building Maintenance and Compliance

Businesses across every sector use SFG20’s library of maintenance schedules to manage their building maintenance

"SFG20 has significantly improved productivity in our workplace. It has had a great effect on ensuring we have a consistent and quality approach across the business."

How Maintenance Schedules Can Help Your Business

Keep Assets Functioning At Their Best

Take the heavy lifting out of your maintenance planning

With a library that covers many equipment types and over 2000 individual schedules, as well as colour-coded prioritisations, you don’t have to wonder which tasks need to be done and when. You get complete oversight of your maintenance requirements.

Stay compliant in the face of changing legislation

Stay compliant in the face of changing legislation

Frequent technical bulletins and schedule updates are released with legislation changes, ensuring you are always working to the latest standard. Whether you outsource your maintenance or run it in-house, you’ll always be confident that you are receiving the latest compliant information and best practice.

Save time and money with preventative maintenance

Save time and money with preventative maintenance

Access to SFG20’s unique lists of schedules and tasks will allow you to easily identify which are statutory, function-critical, optimal or discretionary. This saves you time and effort, while also making sure that your equipment is in the best possible condition and avoiding both over or under maintenance.

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